Wednesday, December 02, 2020
Fiction or Fact

Internet Acquaintance and Marriage: Fiction or Fact?

Modern life seems to be filled with whatever you can imagine: a challenging job, traveling, exciting events, and venues. Though, besides this brightness, there is a reverse side which is not seen at first sight. To find a date who will become your partner for life is getting harder and harder.

Why Is It So?

  • Lack of time for social life and real contacts;
  • People became closed spending most of the day with their gadgets;
  • Many freelancers have almost no need to get out of their homes.

To fill in the existing gap in personal life, a lot of men and women rely on Internet services and websites. As in each case, there are pros and cons of getting to know your future date online.

Let us start with disadvantages: the pictures you find on the Internet can be much better than a person in life; your online interlocutor may lie about anything; there are still prejudices about online acquaintances. It means that when you meet in real life, you will be disappointed, or you even won’t give it a try.

Though, what can we mention in favor of the Internet acquaintance:

  • On the Internet you can find your true soulmate as there are no geographical boundaries;
  • Before a real date you can find out if your interests and beliefs coincide;
  • Honestly, you can chat and email with several potential dates making a choice over time;
  • There is no place for uneasiness – you and your interlocutor can open your hearts;
  • No need to check schedules and find a free evening for both, online communication can be at any time, at your own convenience.

After thinking over all the benefits and losses, how can we estimate the chances to meet your future wife or husband in the web? Are they equal to meeting your future partner in real life? Online, you will check not only appearance and good looks. You will feel the person before you meet, you will know the preferences and the main traits of character. Your online interlocutor is very likely to be the same lonely soul looking for comfort, with the hope to build a happy family, just like you.

Certainly, you risk being disappointed. Though, the risk is the same when you go on a regular date. If misfortune has happened, do not give up. You can always start over again.

And the last but not least. Do you know the happy couples who met online among your friends? Have you heard such stories from anyone? If no, it is very surprising. You can refer to the recent statistics, about one-third of married couples got acquainted on the Internet. If they managed to build their happiness starting from a dating website, you can also do it.

And good luck to you online!

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