Thursday, May 13, 2021
Security Rules

The First Meeting after Online Acquaintance: Security Rules

While being acquainted online, we rarely think what dangers we may face during a real meeting. Our virtual life is full of surprises and it requires special attention to security issues. Your individual safety on the Internet begins with your profile, continues with communication and finishes with a personal meeting. But how to secure yourself and achieve the desired result? Let`s check our security rules beforehand.

  1. Personal Information

If you want to increase your chances for a successful acquaintance, you have to share information about yourself in your profile on dating websites or social platforms. It`s more than important not to tell the details about yourself that put your security at risk. If you do not want to answer any question, then think why he or she asks you about it. For example, if your new friend asks about your job position or the address of your office, you shouldn`t give him an exact information. You could specify the type of activities (accounting, economics, computers, etc.), your attitude to work, etc. In a private lettering, you may give some general information about yourself: the name, date of birth, the city of residence and share your real photos.

Beware of phone hooligans from dating websites. Do not publish your phone number on forums and websites in advance without sufficient prior written communication on the Internet with a candidate for a telephone conversation.

  1. Arranging Meeting

The first personal meeting with the person you like is assigned after communication by e-mail, phone or video calls lasting for about a week or several weeks. When meeting with a foreigner, communication on the Internet should last for several months.

Make appointments in the daytime in crowded public places only with those candidates for an acquaintance, who posted their profile on the website and about the meeting with whom you agreed in advance. For your safety, do not meet in apartments, cottages, in an unknown restaurant during the first date. When meeting abroad or in a foreign city, arrange your accommodation in a separate hotel room beforehand.

  1. Stay in Touch

Before going to the first meeting, tell your relatives or your friends the details about the person you are going to meet, exact place and time. Write this data on a piece of paper, leave the phone number of your potential acquaintance and a link to his page on the dating website. After the beginning of the meeting, find an opportunity to call home or your friends in the first ten minutes to make sure everything is OK.

Do not delay the meeting until late, especially if you live in a remote area, even if your friend intends to hold you. Try to meet in the afternoon or immediately after work. Learning these simple rules will help you to avoid common mistakes and find a reliable friend in the real world.

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